The butt is a key to finding your direction and purpose.

butt naked statue

Ed, you’ve gone totally bonkers.

No! Not yet! Hear me out.

Almost everyone loves a good butt. Why? No idea. What for? Still not sure. Something about health and reproduction? Yeah ok, whatever. I know how I feel about a good butt, and what I want from it. I know it’s saucy allure and it’s mmm-yummm kind of magnetism. I know it well. Ah yes.. So many good butts in this world. Girls like boy butts too: true fact.

Now, that sense that we share, ‘whether or not – and how much – we like a butt’, or any butt, is a feeling we have. It’s actually a form of intelligence we possess but instead frequently turn to our minds. We miss out and give ourselves overthinking instead.

But(t) I ask you: which butt is the right butt for you? When you ask with your mind: no satisfying answer. When you ask with the whatever-it-is that tells you how you feel about butts, or indeed the most amazing, excellent butts? Yeah, then you find your answer.

You could pick your favorite butt in a crowd of three hundred pretty easily and quickly, when you trust your ‘gut’, ‘instinct’, ‘intuition’. But(t) not your intellect. Your intellect will measure, compare, add up and argue both sides of the question. But the answer is sitting right in your face like a big old butt: you already know what you like – you know which butt(s) you want.

Your only requirement to find all the direction and purpose you need in life starts there: trust your butt-feelings about EVERYTHING. Your job, your work, your dates, your lovers, choice of dog, cat, fish, etc. Everything. Everywhere. All of the time.

Sure, if you want to plan a holiday, calculate a budget, plan for retirement, by all means use intellect and a calculator; I love science and math. But most of the questions plaguing you right now are not mathematical equations or reasonable to measure scientifically. There’s a better way: your heart knows what you want, and you are either not truly listening, or refusing to take positive-affirmative action on what you hear. Help yourself overcome shame, old habits, social norms, other’s expectations and opinions. These things get in the way.

You are naked and beautiful and capable, just as you are, right now. But if you won’t believe that, well then you’ll get what you get.

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