The Four Pillars of Help

and Health

Mindfullness and Health

‘I get anxious a lot, and the endless spirals of thinking, doubt and fears really get me down’, ‘I do worry about the opinions of others, I’m self-conscious, and I get in my own way’.

These kinds of situations do not have to be forever. There’s a better way, let me explain.

Mindfulness is now a household term. For very good reasons. I’m a big proponent of it for you. Why? Everyone can benefit from increased awareness, less anxiety, and living in harmony with yourself. It’s really that big a deal, and that good for you. I don’t make you do it, but I bring it into the coaching practice and experientially show you how it can help you. No going it alone, feeling awkward or unsure.

This isn’t sitting down to meditate together, not at all. I do lead you in how to be still, find your hum and your energy (the real you), your spirit, if you will, for every big question that ends in an “I don’t know” for you. This is where your answers lie to love, work, fulfilment, contentment and success. I can take you there. The answers will come, quickly or in due time. There’s nothing a healthy, stable person needs to fear about themselves, their past experiences or who they are today. There’s no need for judgement, no need to hide your shame. Shame dies in the light of day in sharing, and in loving and safe disclosure.

Learning how to turn off ‘autopilot’, how to look inward and sit peacefully has huge mental health benefits. Gay health and gay mental health are very important to me, and I hope it is to you too. We deserve the best: rich, full lives, without unhealthy anxiety, worries, self doubt or a debilitating mind or thoughts that bully and belittle you.

Let’s pivot to physcial health. If you want to lose ten kilos, you have to want to lose ten kilos. Because it’s important and meaningful to you. If it’s not, you won’t care, it’ll be hard, you’ll be forced to use willpower and eventually you’ll run out of puff and maybe even eat more to compensate and feel better later today or in a few months time.

There’s a better way: learn to check in with yourself and really feel for what body shape and physical health you want and feel you deserve. If that’s not great, let’s work on that. Self-esteem and self-acceptance and love can be practiced and improved directly through coaching. It’s pretty damn common in my clients! Once you’re better there, and you have a new found sense of self worth, you won’t need willpower, you won’t WANT to harm yourself with excess calories, alcohol or party drugs. Once you are in touch with and working with your true motivations and deepest feelings, your path will unfold before you, because you know how to lose weight: eat less, exercise more. The how you make yourself do it is the trick. Ten kilos isn’t the issue; what you really want for yourself is and your self-esteem is.

Wishing you all the very best, and if you want to work on this with me book now.