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Gay Love and Relationships

Gay Love and Relationships

Help! I can’t find love!

‘The app experience generally sucks, I don’t believe I’m sexy, I lack confidence online and at bars and clubs… I’m weird!… I even find it hard to take a compliment. How will anyone love me?’

If any of these apply to you: you’re having a normal experience. Dating and gay love finding is a deeply important and meaningful part of our lives – no wonder you’re stressing! There’s a lot of talk of ‘I don’t have abs’, or ‘I’m almost 50’, or ‘I’m not like those gays’. These are irrelevant, really. How you relate to the opinions of others, how you hold your boundaries and self in relation to others, what you believe about yourself and why is critical to your wellbeing and success.

For Brown Bear, love compatability is about finding your fellow weirdo. Someone equally as human, interesting, different and unique as you. Someone who can see you, accept you, and love you just as you are. Someone who can align or work it out with you on a sexual level too. Even better if you’ve got your personal life sorted and have confidence, panache, vibrancy, self-awareness.

Great news: everyone can unlock these things within themselves – that’s what I do. I help normal humans, just like you, drop the shit, find themselves, find a love and connection with others through demonstrating their understanding and love of self and humanity and the universe. Sounds cheesy, but it works a treat. It’s fun too. My coachees smile and laugh regularly, as they should.

Great gay love and relationships could be just around the corner for you. I can’t control if it actually happens, but I help people get into the very best position to give it the best chance. It won’t happen until it does. You’ll be single until you’re not. That’s ok. Let’s get to ok first, and then work on great.

What to expect from coaching with Brown Bear on the topic of love and relationships:

Improving self-awareness

Improving self-awareness

Allowing yourself to find your stillness, your centred core where your truth lives. What exists in there really matters to you. You need to uncover it and stop hiding it. Ignoring it or avoiding it just leads to blow-ups down the line.

Self acceptance


Whatever is there, it’s yours baby. It’s yours and there’s no denying it. You can learn to love it, love it all and hold it. Perfectly imperfect – simply human.

heart and instincts

Strong connection to your heart and instincts

These are what you use to know – to the best of your ability – if someone is a good match for you, or if you’re hoping and even convincing yourself that they are. Once you’re in touch with you, happy with your own desires and needs, and trusting of your own intuition you’ll find the path to finding the love-match you want much, much easier.

handle the messages the brain throws at you

Handling the messages your mind throws at you

Coming into a wise relationship with you mind, and living from your personal truth is a cornerstone of what we do in coaching. You’ll find, as all my clients do, that they possess a rich inner world that is full of confidence, knowing and charisma, when we quiet the often negative influence of the chattering mind. The mind is always trying to help us, but it often isn’t the right tool for the job at hand.

Dropping the judgements

Dropping the judgements

They all come back to hurt you in the end. We can nip those in the bud, no worries.

If you find yourself judging others, you probably judge yourself too. It’s not nice, is it? It’s hard to live in a world full of judgements and hangups, so why not work on curiously and kindly investigating yours, and seeing if you wouldn’t prefer living with less of them and learn how to do so.

Taking action to make it real

Taking action to make it real

While you won’t be walking on cloud nine forevermore, or never make a mistake or have things go wrong: you can find yourself living a new way, with better results; more peace, contentment and balance than ever before. And if Mr. Right slides on by, I bet he’s going to like what he sees.