for Gay Men

Brown Bear’s Mission is to help gay men become the most well-adjusted, self-loving and effective people on the planet.

You are welcome here.

Why Coaching?

  • You want action and results, not just talk.
  • You’re ready and willing to share, explore, learn, adapt and change.
  • You understand that only you can make change in your life, and a little
    help can go a long way.
  • You want quick access to powerful self improvement techniques.
  • You’re healthy and functional – but not your best self yet.
  • Personal and professional life success is important to you.

What do you Get?

  • You are seen and heard. You are welcomed in, it is confidential, you’re safe.
  • Concepts, techniques and activities that are uniquely for you and your situation.
  • Insight into yourself – conscious and unconscious.
  • The chance to address everything you’ve been avoiding all this time.
  • Overcome self-defeating behaviour.
  • Support and encouragement as you walk your path forward, one step at a time, to make your lasting change a reality.

My Clients Speak

Joey B

Melbourne, Australia

When I approached Ed at Brown Bear Coaching I was looking for help in getting more out of my intimate relationships and finding the right partner for me, but I ended up getting so much more.

We tackled issues of self-worth and self-love and my overall confidence has never been higher. Ed was a fun, honest, and easy to talk to Coach with a clear indication from Day 1 that the sessions would not go on forever as I should have all the tools to do the inner work myself by session 10. And we got there just shy of that! Amazing business and probably the best thing I’ve done for myself in years.


Sydney, Australia

Coaching with Ed is like speaking with a good friend who will help you find and be that better version of yourself, help you find the way to have the life that you already know you want. If you are in any way curious, get in touch with him. I have not felt more confident, more energised, more productive, more focused and happier in many years – if ever. How I do life now, is how it always should have been. The struggles of the past seem a thousand miles away.


Brisbane, Australia

When I first met Ed I was at standstill and not enjoying life. He is funny and caring and wants the best for each of his clients. Through the 10 sessions I learnt techniques like how to be still and ‘in the moment’ allows me to be calm and stay focused on the task at hand not get side tracked or avoiding the problem.

I dealt with finances by accepting and acknowledging my financial situation and creating my first budget. Another way Ed helped me was learning to like myself and my body. I’m now at the stage of almost a 10. I feel like a different person and I feel so much lighter. So what are you waiting for? If you want to improve your life get in touch with Ed and his team today.

Meet Edward.

Warm, grounded, effective. I do this work because I love it. I wrote you a letter at the link below.

How I Can Help.

All healthy people function with the same core mechanics, and how one person achieves self-transformation is the same as another. Come and learn how, and experience it by taking action in your life.


I have lived experience and expertise in LGBT+ matters. Skip the explanations; don’t shy away from any aspect of your rainbow life and all it’s delicious details with me. Queer people deserve the very best, and they get it here.

Embracing your authentic self leads to lasting self-transformation

It might feel scary at first, but there’s no better path for you. Back yourself. You’re worth it. I’ll be there to be your sounding board and support your sincere efforts.

Creating your ideal life starts with finding the truth of what you love

A strong connection to self, first, is the gateway to the answers to your big ticket questions. What work is right for you, what you need in a partner, what cause you want to devote your precious time and effort to.

Brown Bear in Your Ears

Ed gets stuck into it with Rick Clemons on his podcast: Gay Men Gay Talk. Get a feel for what greater self-awareness, openness and acceptance can do in all areas of your life.

Listen Here.

Brown Bear in Your Ears

Ed gets stuck into it with Rick Clemons on his podcast: Gay Men Gay Talk. Get a feel for what greater self-awareness, openness and acceptance can do in all areas of your life.

Listen Here.