The Four Pillars of Help

Personal Purpose and Meaning

Personal Purpose and Meaning

‘I don’t really know what I want… or what will make me happy. I have a vague idea…? I know for sure I’m not loving it now and want more for myself. I’ve been like this for a while!’

How do you find your personal purpose? How do we align what we deeply hold dear, our personal values, with the life we are living?
How can we make our values and purpose fit with our personal identity?

Stillness, openness, courage to explore, be honest and maybe even vulnerable. Then taking action to make it real.

When you can achieve all this, the world looks completely different. Life feels completely different. You feel lighter, freer, more content, more at peace, more curious and open to new experiences, change and every tomorrow.

It doesn’t mean you live in a constant blissed out state of nirvana! But you don’ t sweat the small stuff, it rolls off your back easily. You find it easy to make steady and incremental progress on what you care about. It means you have solid control and direction in your life. You know what you want, where you’re going, and even why. Because it matters to you, deeply, truly, and that makes it meaningful and makes you want to do it, without having to force yourself.

Charisma, confidence, sex appeal, contentedness, laughing easily. These all come from the person who has taken the time to drop the BS, learn to be aware of the incessant opinions and judgements of others, explore, accept and become their self, and nothing more. This person is self loving, self accepting, kind to themselves, without constant striving and a hunger for more, more, more. This person has a conviction in what they need and how they want to get it.

Sound like a dream compared to your reality? I’d be very, very happy to help.

Start a chat, explore what you want less of and more of, and lets get started.