Meet Ed,
life-changing Coach.

It’s a privilege to be trusted with the intimate details of the lives of my clients. It’s my mission and my passion to get you your result.

Edward sitting on wooden bench
Brown Bear with Heart

Hello and welcome.
It’s great to have you here.

Getting you into your best life is what this is all about.

I believe the real you, underneath all the BS, is the best you. You are full of love, ambition, caring, needing and courage. So am I. You may need to have the real you unlocked, to get what you really want from life. Fortunately there is a proven path to success if this is what you want.

Why? Because you’re human, and so your potential for a fulfilled, productive, meaningful, challenging and rewarding life is already inside you. Too many of us, especially we gay, bisexual men and queer people, go through life without the key understandings and crucial skills to unlock what is most beautiful and powerful about ourselves.

I’m here to fix that. You have the answers to all of your questions; I will help you to connect to them, own them and make them your every day reality. Together we get all the other BS out of the way.

Fulfilling and meaningful work; Family, friends and romantic love; Financial stability, even abundance; a loving and peaceful relationship with yourself and your ever-chattering mind… Why can’t you have these? What’s so especially bad, wrong or broken about you? I bet you’re not ‘broken’. I guarantee you’re not wrong.

Everyone has the power to take control and live life their way. You may want help to find your true path and get moving on it!

Coaching is a powerful way to make huge positive change. It’s deeply human, sane and scientific. By earning your trust and making a space for you to feel safe, respected and open, we can commence a transformative relationship. I understand the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of powerful self-transformation, and I also have the lived experience of a gay man who has accepted myself – fully – and in doing so allowed myself to own my power, my flaws and my uniqueness.

I overcame unhealthy anxiety, became fully authentic with anyone and everyone and I earnt my peace, stability, confidence and joy.

I have made a fulfilling, loving, safe and peaceful life for myself. More importantly: You can too.

Brown Bear Coaching is only a success if its clients are successful: You are the reason I do this. If you feel frustrated about not achieving what you set out to in life, this is a service for you. Come as you are. I will too!

Book yourself in today – and we’ll talk soon.

Happy Gay man