The Four Pillars of Help

Career and Work

Career and Work

‘I feel so flat at work’.

‘I‘m tired of pretending to be busy and engaged’.

‘I don’t know what I really want to do’.

Sound familiar? These situations are extremely common. I don’t think as a society we are having the open and honest conversations necessary to avoid these traps we want. Work that is meaningful, engaging, gives us a sense of real achievement;  Unfettered capitalism is it’s own basket of problems, but how  to navigate yourself  in the working world directly impacts your health, wellbeing, success and happiness.

If you have professional development goals, career goals and a long term vision, great! If it’s not working for you, it’s getting shaky, you’re coming up to a major transition or shift in your life, great! Life isn’t life without the ups  and the downs. Sometimes the hard choices are the best you ever made.

Brown Bear wants everyone to be engaged in work that aligns to their unique strengths. Brown Bear doesn’t want to see people slaving away at jobs they hate because they ‘should’ and they want to be ‘successful’, all the while becoming empty husks of people. This scenario happens too often – There’s a better way.

What to expect from coaching in Career and Work with Brown Bear Coaching:

Get comfortable

Get comfortable with where your interests and strengths in life really lie.

radical honesty

Find a  radical honesty in who you are, and how you want to work, and what you can achieve.

Develop a strong and loving relationship

Develop a strong and loving relationship with your thoughts – even when they try to pull you down.

Question and change any limiting beliefs

Question and change any limiting beliefs that are unfair, unhelpful or holding you back from the life you desire.

Take bold action to take control

Take bold action to take control of your work life. Baby steps at first – change can be hard. Then you can commence building the ‘empire of your life’.

Why would you not want this? Are you ready to step up, take control, design and make real the work life you really want?

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