It rhymes with Truck Boy – and these guys play sad games

Happy Gay Couple

He gave every indication he was romantically interested! But the day after we did it – he was gone. Grr, again! What is up with these guys?!

There’s a type of guy that is pissing off gay Romeos just trying to find their Juliet-o.

A Rhymes-With-Truck-Boi clearly indicates a desire for an ongoing romantic engagement through romantic gestures like sending sweet texts, making promises, being quite charming and generous. You feel great.

He also actively listens to your pitch about how you’re looking for dates / romance, not just another one time naked-happy get together and agrees, he says he wants the same and he’s excited about you. Yes, finally!!

He also doesn’t come back after you bang. Truck!

Very upsetting. Especially multiple times… my heart goes out to you Romeos.

We cannot know his why – only he can – and maybe we’ll never find out, but we do know this: he lacks integrity, and so he suffers the consequences of his actions. Believe me, he does.

Either he lied to get into bed with you, or he doesn’t really like *you* – but he took the sex and didn’t express any problems with you *until he got it*. Now, if he doesn’t like you for you, he could say so. If he would, you’d at least get some closure and wouldn’t feel used.

If you’ve met this guy; I’d choose to accept it. It happens and it may happen again. No one is perfect; and life will continue to happen no matter how much we kick and scream and complain about it.

We can choose to learn from every negative experience in life what there is to be learnt. Maybe consider it as a page in your personal storybook, and you’re now free to move forward.

Console, comfort and support yourself as needed. Look inside to assess your own needs and wants with openness, and kindness.

Consider sharing your concerns with the next potential Rhymes-with-Truck-Boi. “I’ll out you as a player if you play me”. I’m not above a good threat when warranted. Up to you.

Always hold onto your reasonable boundaries and care for yourself as best you can. Always.

Lastly – and with love – check if you’re feeling needy. It’s natural and normal, but it might leave you open and vulnerable also. Check in on you, love you, care for you.

Let these boi’s keep their damage; it says a lot about them, and very little about you.

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