You belong and you are wanted. If that’s hard for you to believe, I can help

Gay Pride Parade

Our burden in this area is big: we don’t get to share our truth and explore, experiment and understand our whole selves and each other from an early age…

Hello loney, adrift, distant, anxious brothers. I see you!

You’re wanted. You belong.

I meet unique, special, different (and wonderful) gay men every day. Most of them felt wrong, different in a bad way, unwanted or unacceptable to some degree, before we crossed paths. Believing a lie that they are anything other than a normal, acceptable, lovable human being.

It’s not unusual. It’s not uncommon. We’re more connected and yet less connected than ever.

We meet in bars and clubs and saunas and hook up apps… but when do we just hang out? When do we share our whole and real selves in comfort and safety?

It’s something that was sort of taken from us, or we never got. That’s something that thankfully is most certainly changing for the better at the moment, but there’s a hole in the hearts of many of us adult men today. What are we going to do about that?

A lot of us think “I must be more social, I should make a bigger effort to make friends”. And while the intention is good, and sometimes this alone will work for some, I think some inner exploration and healing is in order.

When we come into a new encounter while struggling with “I’m lonely, I’m lost, I’m distant/anxious/scared/bad/wrong”, we don’t show up as our best social and connective selves. Again, not unusual, not wrong. Totally normal. Totally to be expected given the circumstances, no?

You’ve been trying hard your whole life, doing what you thought was right, almost all of the time.

Brown Bear Coaching is here to see and help the human in you. To help you overcome, quickly and effectively, whatever your problem(s), and whatever your goals. Going inside, healing hurts, resolving negative thought-spirals, learning how to be you in the way you most enjoy and finding how you personally thrive (your meaning and purpose). Once you do that, you can take care of everything else, no?

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Self-Empowerment for Gay Men

Brown Bear’s Mission is to help gay men become the most well-adjusted, self-loving and effective people on the planet.

You are welcome here.