Are you on a constant mission to achieve ‘good enough’? Then you’re doing it wrong.

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If you look outward for what’s “good enough” –  you will never find it…

Good enough doesn’t exist ‘out there’. Nor does ‘correct’, ‘normal’ or ‘good’. If they do, then it is only as group-think, and you don’t need to agree.

Striving for ‘good enough’ is a common and painful trap.

You won’t find ‘good enough’ through comparison, competition, striving and self-discipline.

Good enough lives in you; ignore it at your peril.

Self-discipline and striving will get you some results – but there’s a better way to get much more…

We are all taught, by necessity, what ‘good’ looks like early in life.

However, once we’re big boys, we can look for our own answers if something isn’t adding up or working for you.

If you understand that your sexuality, your voice, your body – anything about you – is not “good enough” and you believe that, then the trap is set – and you’re inside it.

We can become so familiar with it we forget it’s right there. If you want out, you must see judgment, comparison and the opinions of others as optional. I can help you do this.

What do you think of these phrases:

‘I can look inside to find what I want to spend my time doing based on what I think and feel to be right for me, without discipline and striving’.

‘I can trust my own answers to those questions and not submit to what I “should” be’.

‘I can trust my own desires, because my inner wisdom guides me towards what is right for me’.

‘I know that my natural self seeks love, connection and self-improvement, wants to help others, and avoids doing harm’.

Is this true for you? Could you possibly be normal, acceptable and good enough already?

If that was the case for you… well then brother, all you’d have left to do is live.

If you, like me, choose to love, give, receive, share, enjoy, learn, grow and experience without causing harm, to the best of our imperfect ability – I think we’ll be doing just fine. We will be OK, we will fail, we will learn, we will find what we find and get what we get.

Do you want my help to find yourself, own your truth and become the most naturally effective, confident and loving version of yourself? Then head here today. Can’t wait to meet you. Bring all your questions.

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