I am my own worst enemy. I can’t maintain good habits.

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This is a common conundrum. Logically, you know there’s nothing ‘wrong with you’. It’s been clear for decades there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with being gay/queer. There’s also nothing ‘wrong’ with feeling anxious, unsure at times, and so on, but still, many of us struggle to confidently show up and deliver what you’re capable of, consistently. It’s hard to be, show, know, love and deliver what we already have to offer. Ask a creative – they know.

We are scared. We behave this way and drop new habits for what some part of us thinks is a good reason: because it’s dangerous out there! We accidentally think that fear and apprehension is wise and useful to protect ourselves. You also know better though – it’s not really that dangerous out there… and you may be squandering your chances to build the life you truly want for yourself. You want to give yourself the best possible chance to land that job, find and follow your passion,  meet the right people for you, that you will treasure in due time.

So how can you take the first step? How can you take that second step once you have? How will you know what it is? Where does it lead and is that what I want? … Will I be OK?

Come to a free consultation to find out for yourself what your next step is, to improve your gay life in health, wealth, love and purpose. Find out what’s holding you back now, and know what you can do once you take the first step and immediately look towards the second…

Hot tip: don’t stress about the second step until you’ve tried the first. No amount of pre-planning and guesswork is likely to help you once you’re there. Find your confidence and comfort; you are already, or can be, resourceful at all times. If that’s true, then every next step is just one more, and you can ease back on worrying too much about it all. This is something I love helping people achieve. You can call it self-transformation coaching, confidence coaching, gay life coaching, career coaching, or whatever, because it’s universally useful to you – and it’s priceless

There’s nothing wrong with you; so why shouldn’t you be able to unlock your best self, and live your life with confidence, calm and loving connectivity?

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