Are you being a good daddy to your inner child?

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We all have an inner child… and an Inner Daddy too…Have you accepted your responsibility to you? 

Do you have an inner child? Look inside, you tell me.

Do you get scared, feel a strong desire or need to be cared for, supported, educated, loved? I do. I have all these needs and I can feel my “inner child” in all my soft, vulnerable parts – I just can’t deny it. It’s true for me.

Do you have an inner daddy? Never heard of it? I have officially just made it up. But let’s discuss.

Do you have a desire to see yourself succeed? Do you want yourself to ‘grow up’ into a successful, confident, self-loving, sorted, successful, happy person?

Hmph, that’s kinda what a parent does right? One who is appropriately and effectively caring for their child.

We have an inner child, and we have an inner daddy. I have found that over time in my coaching this is a concept I find myself repeating.

It goes to the heart of the dysfunction going on in a lot of us: we expect superhuman things from ourselves, or we do not see, accept and cherish the human we already are.

Either way we are being ‘less than human’, or attempting to be ‘more than human’.

Both are dysfunctional. For starters, are you more or less than human? No. So why should we hold such expectations or behave that way?

We have reasons – good ones – with a good intention, but again, let’s not get stuck in ‘why’.

Right now you have needs, you feel them, they are happening inside of you. I say; do not turn away. Do not ignore. Do not deprive yourself of yourself.

Accept that you are both the child you were born to love and the parent your child needs you to be.

Ask yourself: am I really taking responsibility for me, my own inner child, and being the daddy I deserve?

Sounds stupid, but its powerful s–t. What if you could? What might change for you?

For more self-awareness and exploration of how to be ‘just human’ to radically change your life, please click here. I’ll see you soon!

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